Best DSLR settings to capture night sky landsapes of the Milky Way

    • Set the camera to manual exposure mode
    • Enable RAW recording mode
    • Set focus to manual
    • Set the focus ring to infinity (rotate the ring completely in, then back it off slightly). TIP: once focus is achieved, use masking tape to "lock" the focus ring in place.
    • Use at lest one of the following to help the camera to settle from any vibrations
      • Self Timer
      • Remote trigger
    • Set white balance to auto or AWB
    • Enable long exposure noise reduction or take dark frame (shutter closed)
    • Enable live view mode if supported to assist with focusing
    • Enable mirror lock if supported (prevents vibrations from the mirror flipping up)
    • Choose an exposure setting (the lower the f/ratio, the better), then adjust as necessary. Don't forget the rule of 600.
      • f/1.4, ISO 1600, 30 seconds
      • f/2, ISO 3200, 30 seconds
      • f/2.8, ISO 6400, 30 seoncds
      • f/3.5, ISO 10000, 30 seconds
      • f/4, ISO 12800, 30 seconds

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