How to prime a Cisco Universal AP with a regulatory domain without the AirProvision app

    Cisco, in all their wisdom, has apparently decided to do away with the AirProvision app, a tool which ran on a smart phone and allowed you to set the regulatory domain for a universal AP by using the phones GPS-derived location status while connecting to an AP. This article describes how to do that same function without having access to the app.


    First, credit where credit is due. I shamelessly stole this info from here. These instructions really saved me.



    You should have alredy pre-configured:

    1. WLC
    2. SSID with PSK (the easiest way) attached to the AP group (I used "Priming")
    3. Universal AP assigned to the AP group (I used "Priming")
    4. AP should be in FlexMode (at least in my case)
    5. Laptop should be connected to the broadcasted by Unprimed AP SSID
    6. Open AP settings on WLC, go to the second tab after "General" -> "Credentials"
    7. Create custom authentication credentials for the AP, such as User:Secret1234



    1. Ensure that you connected to the SSID broadcasted by Unprimed AP
    2. Try to ping IP address of the Unprimed AP (let's assume the IP is:
    3. Open in browser: -> you should be able to see the info of the AP



    Now it starts to be a bit tricky. You need to send HTTP POST request as follows:

    URL: Params: configMode=1&location=DE&regDomain5=-E&regDomain24=-E Basic authentication data: User:Secret1234

    For the network stuff I work mostly in Linux, so it is easy as invoking the CURL command:

    curl -v -X POST "" -u "User:Secret1234"

    PS: in our case I am using "DE" as a country which I am going the prime the AP for. Feel free to use any country you like: US/DE/FR/SE/e.t.c. Pay attention to the regDomain param value: it is -E for Europe. You probably have to adapt it for your region as well.

    PPS: Starting from now you can open the following link: on your smartphone, then connect to the SSID, fill in the data and click "Prime it" button... - still testing. Not sure if it works.

    Cheers ;)


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